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Main function
      Information searching, product display, advertising ......
Main features
      Beautiful figure: designed to ergonomic,delicate&artistic,
streamlined shape,graceful and modernized,friendly
interface,car surface treatment workmanship,color optional;
      Easy maintenance : Each function module is
independent,easy to assemble and disassemble;
      High extendibility: Function module design and flexible
configuration enables our kiosk compatible for most of the
IT accessories on the market;
      Good safety: Antirust, antiabrasion baked varnish
technology, overall antivandalism and steel construction

all over.

      Lansun dual screen advertising kiosks are mainly used

in government,army,school,hotel,tourism,bank,hospital,

airport,bus stop,transportation division,communication

enterprise,real estate,exibition,library,supermarket,

newspaper office,telephone booth,restaurant,shopping

mall center kiosk etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Model number    LX2021
Monitor size    Upper screen: 22",26",32",42" etc; Lower screen:17",19"
Touch screen

Sound acoustic wave/Infrared; Single point life: over 50million times, Max resolution

4096*4096 ......

LCD    Industrial LCD display, Samsung/LG brands; Max resolution: 1280*1024 ......
PC host

The configuration of the PC host is optional due to customer's requirements or place

order without PC host.


* Material: Cold rolled plate, baked varnish surface;
* Color: Optional;
* Sound system: Internal magnetic Stereo amplifier, 2.2W amplifier board, 8Ω10W

loudspeaker 2pcs;
* Heat output: Internal 12V fans to achieve better ventilation effect;
* Power supply: Input voltage AC 100-240V 50/60Hz; Inrush current 3A;
* Power: < 200W;
* Interface: RJ45 net port; External USB interface(optional);
* Switch: No need to open the kiosk panel, you may open or shut down the computer

via the external reset button.

Kiosk size    MM
Working environment    Temperature: 0~45℃; relative Humidity: 30%-90%
OS    Windows(2000/XP/Vista/7);Linux(RedHat/FedoraCore/Ubuntu...);Android
Optional parts

We may install different parts into our dual screen advertising kiosks for you to

achieve different functions. Such as: Barcode scanner, document scanner,thermal

printer, A4 printer, magnetic swipe card reader, inductive IC/ID card reader,64 or

16bits metal keyboard, fingerprint reader, coin&bill acceptor.