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Corporate Philosophy

The highest level of competition is the essence and culture's competition. A successful business must have a strong corporate culture as support. If a business lost the cultural of awareness just as lost soul and lost the spirit of the nation.
Company actively respected construction and development of enterprise culture.
Core Competence:Customers, customers, then customers; terminal, terminal, and then the terminal.
Entrepreneurship:Create value for customers, provide opportunities for staff.
Corporate culture:good, truth, honesty, responsibility.
Ideals:noble, happy, rich.
Business philosophy:improve the quality seriously, excellence and cost reduction; constantly developing new products, good business sense.
Service concept:a man standing, kneeling services.
Management principles:program management is a fundamental ,the rule of thumb is the key, head down on everything.
Principle of life:kind, reasonable, eyesight.
Principle of doing things:attitude fair, large leveraging, hard thinking, bold but cautious.
Working principle:follow the principles of culture, adhere to the principles of the system, results-oriented principle, the principle of coordination and complaints.
Employing principles:use suspect, employers should be suspect, public use, public doubts.
Methods of work:step by step management, lower execution level coordination level, the higher complaints, arbitration ruling class, straight-level reporting, regardless of every level, leapfrog complaints.
Enterprise purpose:"There is no excuse, and doing immediately," I hope we can create a better future with all the friends together.


Code of Conduct

1. Love the motherland and people, career, love learning, love company, love of family, love life.
2. Comply with national laws, regulations, and consciously safeguard the dignity of the country and nation.
3. Comply with company rules and regulations, continuously improve their professional and ethical standards.
4. Adhere to the principle of proceeding from reality, not emotional, but practical, meticulous do their jobs.
5. Take responsible for objectives and results, achieve the stated objectives and efforts positive.
6. Ability to work under the responsibility , to solve the problem as the primary task.
7. Enhance service awareness, market awareness and cost awareness, do excellent for the work, the pursuit of high-quality.
8. Active learning business knowledge and skills to improve their ability to work.
9. I'm into the big ego, reveal character in the team's platform and actively create a united and progressive team atmosphere.
10. Taste of magnanimous, tolerant of others, and actively support and coordinate others work, consciously use the company's communication channels, active communicate with others.
11. Positive turn for others, ready to help others at the same time, make progress together in mutual aid.
12. Respect for the individual personality, non-interfere in another's privacy, do not discriminate against others.
13. Learning something good for business development, enhance the work of thought.
14. Adhere to the ideological hard work, courage and self-criticism and progressive.
15. Do not engage in personal activities which is not related to work on working hours, not take advantage of job opportunities and facilitate to make the self-serving, does not harm people-interested.
16. Without company authorization, do not engage in activities beyond the terms of reference.
17. Conservative technology secrets and commercial secrets.
18. Safeguard the company's image consciously, does not transmit or distribute the company's bad statement.
19. Indecent lifestyle, follow the moral standards of decent words and deeds strictly, instruments and generous, civilized, say etiquette.
20. Value the labor of others, saving the company resources, care for working and living environment.