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Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. is a commitment Langxin 
Main R & D, production, sales as one of the specialized manufacturers, but also approved the establishment of the Shenzhen Municipal Government 
Private high-tech enterprises, with strong technical strength. Companies based on the multimedia touch and self-queuing 
Industry, in accordance with the modern enterprise system, standardized operation, focused on touch-screen touch technology, queuing 
Application technology...

  • LCD Display Digital Signage Screen And Displays

  • LX8001B

  • LX2039

  • LX2038

  • LX8093B

  • LX7010

  • LX7009

  • LX7007

  • LX7005

  • LX7004

  • LX7003

  • LX7002

  • LX7001

  • LX8016

  • LX2027

  • LX2025

  • LX9032

  • LX9031

  • LX9030(Lifter Kiosk)

  • LX9026